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Canadian Alarm Services™ sells, installs and services residential and commercial security systems and provides ULC listed monitoring.


Canadian Alarm Services™ utilizes a state of the art, ULC listed monitoring station. The staff at our Central Station are highly trained and are kept up-to-date in all training and operating procedures.

There are no voicemail systems, no automated attendant phone system, you deal with live operators at all times. Our knowledgeable staff are there to handle your account with professionalism.

How it works:

  1. an alarm is triggered
  2. a signal is sent to the station
  3. an operator makes the 1st call to the premise

The next steps are customized to each account. The customer needs to provide Canadian Alarm Services™ with a key holder or call list. These are people that have access to the location and can either attend or give further instruction as to what they would like us to do. The police can be sent or if the customer prefers, a guard service can be dispatched.

Your account can be set up any way that you want it to be.

Why get monitoring?

Without someone to respond to your alarm system, it is just noise. How often do you hear an alarm going off and look to see where it is coming from and are ready to react to someone’s house, business or car being broken into?

With a monitored alarm system, Canadian Alarm Services™ is monitoring your home or business 24/7 for you. We respond within seconds to an alarm, whether it is a burglar, fire, your sump pump or temperature settings.

We are there to help you, whatever the application, including all maintenance signals received from your system (i.e. low battery, auto-communication tests, power failures, etc.)

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